Medium-sized brewery equipment

ZHONGRU 31-05-2016

Parameters that:

Fermentation tank technical specifications:

Advocate material for stainless steel SUS304 health level;

All 40 BBL effective volume, volume 50 BBL;

Upper stainless steel dished head, lower for the cone 60 degrees, facilitate yeast discharge, 100% of TIG welding, cleaning and polishing;

Design pressure 0.19 MPa, the test pressure of 0.4 MPa;

Four heavy duty stainless steel frame, with adjustable height and level of support

Wall thickness of 3 mm, heat preservation for polyurethane foam, insulation thickness of 80 ~ 100 mm, outer sheath thickness 2 mm;

Inside and outside surface cleaning, polishing, the inner surface of 304 2 b to 0.4 um mother materials;

According to tank type specification configuration corresponding specifications clamp joint health level;

Configuration of the vacuum valve/pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, sampling valve, hoisting ears, side or top access manhole, comprehensive equipment 360 ° CIP cleaning nozzle;

Double section of ethylene glycol cooling to take over the import and export, refrigerant jacket for welded honeycomb maitreya board;

With the rotation of the valve and accessories feed port and discharging port;

Company standard clamp hops added

Electronic thermometer sensor interface;

Carbon dioxide gas device (configuration) according to customer requirements;