ZHONGRU 25-07-2017

You do not know the beer magical effect


1. The remaining beer can be used to remove the dirt on the gas stove. Beer in the sugar can break down the oil, so with a cloth soaked in beer to wipe, you can quickly decontamination. If it is difficult to remove the stubborn dirt on the first soak and then scrub. Wipe the unique smell of beer after about 10 minutes will disappear.
2. Can be used for beauty. Choose draft beer, into a small container (such as glass), with medical cotton yarn (pharmacy can buy, select the trumpet) soak in it, picked up after the deposited in the face, about ten minutes. You can remove small particles on the surface of the skin, because the beer in the snake has this effect.
3. Wash your hair with beer, first wash your hair, dry, and then the whole bottle of beer 1/8 evenly wiped on the hair, do some hand massage so that the roots of the hair infiltration of hair 0.15 minutes after the wash with water Hair, and then comb comb or horn comb comb hair. Beer in the effective nutrients to prevent the hair dry off a good treatment effect, but also can make the hair bright.
Long time to stick with the beer shampoo, then make the hair slowly turn yellow and hair will be very soft color naturally related to dandruff problems: there are two forms of dandruff, one is the secretion of excessive sebum and dust And so mixed together, after the dry dandruff became the other; the other is the scalp skin off the keratinocytes.
4. Many families in the meal will have left the beer, and most are drained, used to raise flowers can be described as waste use. With two-thirds of the beer two-thirds of the water against the water can adjust the soil pH, the acid is very beneficial to the acid.
Wipe the leaves with a good water to gently scrub the leaves of flowers is also very good, one can wipe the dust, the second is the foliar fertilization, such as Clivia, scrubbed leaves are very luster, Dayton by some ornamental value (Scrub is to take a soft cloth gently wipe the water instead of washing)