ZHONGRU 23-02-2017

What is Fermentation Equipment


Fermentation equipment is a set of automatic cultivation device, which is mainly composed of tank, control cabinet and control software. The material, structure and layout of the automatic fermentation system are completely in accordance with the fermentation system design, which is in accordance with the GMP standard. The feeding bottle, peristaltic pump, circulating pump, control valve, pipeline system, control system is required with this system, and fully guarantee the safety and reliability of the system; the pretreatment system also can be equipped with air, steam and water, after the completion of installation, simply access the steam, air and water and power supply can carry out fermentation operation.Automatic fermentation tank is widely used in dairy products, beverages, biological engineering, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry, such as mixing, fermentation and other operations.

Automatic fermentation has many advantage. For example, automatic fermentation tank in accordance with the requirements of health level design, structural design is very user-friendly, easy to operate. Smooth transmission, low noise. Suitable diameter height ratio design, according to the need to customize the mixing device, energy saving, good fermentation effect. The tank and the upper and lower head of the transition are spinning R angle over, smooth and smooth, no health corner.

Automatic fermentation body composed of glass and stainless steel cover to form a sealed cavity for biological cultivation. Automatic fermenter control cabinet built-in detection and control components, control hardware such as pan pump, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, liquid level detection electrode, gas supply device, stainless steel cover and motor mixed upper motor uniform vitreous body. The temperature control of the electric heating sleeve, realize the built-in cooling rod cooling way; electric package in glass tank body, deep tank cooling rods.