ZHONGRU 04-10-2016

Ways To Sanitize Your Beer Making Equipment


With the economy the way it is these days people are looking for hobbies that allow them to spend more enjoyable time at home, save a little money or even start a new career.One hobby you may want to consider is beer making at home. This is an easy hobby to start as it takes very little equipment and it is very simple.

If you can follow a recipe and you have a kitchen then you can brew beer. It is really that simple and the best part is when you are done brewing you get to drink it and share it with your friends.

Sometimes brewing your own beer can save you some money as well. A 5 gallon batch of homemade beer makes approximately 2 cases of beer for around 30 to 35 dollars. In comparison, a single case of hand crafted micro brew costs around 30 dollars.

It is important to sanitize all your equipment before starting the brewing process. This ensures that there are no excess bacteria that could potentially grow, causing a risk of disease. Make sure you sanitize all the equipment and utensils you will use in the process as well as the bottles. You must also work in a sanitized and cleanly area. If you don't sanitize well, your beer-making efforts will be in vain, as an unsanitary product will result in you being unable to drink it.

The most inexpensive method of sanitizing is using boiling water. Don't boil plastic equipment as it may melt and deform it. The water must be boiling when it comes into contact with the items and should stay on the items for at least several seconds or more. Take care not to dry your equipment with a dirty towel. The best method is to air dry. Keep your work area clean and sanitary. Keep pets and children away from the area to ensure cleanliness. Be sure to keep windows shut so that dust or bugs cannot get into your work area. Focus on