ZHONGRU 10-04-2017

Using Sterilization Pot Should Pay Attention to Some Matters


The use of strong physical and chemical factors so that any object inside and outside all the micro-organisms will always lose their growth and reproductive capacity of the measures to become sterilized. Sterilization commonly used methods are chemical reagents sterilization, ray sterilization, dry heat sterilization, hot and humid sterilization and filtration sterilization. According to different needs, using different methods, such as the media sterilization is generally used hot and humid sterilization, the air is used to filter sterilization.

The degree of sterilization is limited by the sterilization time and the strength of the sterilant. The resistance of the microorganism to the sterilant depends on the original population density, strain, or environment that confers resistance to the strain. Sterilization is a necessary condition for obtaining pure culture and is a necessary technology in the food industry and in the pharmaceutical sector.

Common sterilizers are sterilized pots. Sterilization pot, also known as steam sterilizer, laboratory sterilization pot can be divided into hand-held autoclave and vertical autoclave sterilization pot. The use of electric heating wire to produce water to steam, and to maintain a certain pressure device. It uses microcomputer intelligent automatic control, control sterilization pressure, temperature and time.

But the use of sterilization pots is that we should pay attention to the pot pot water pipeline inspection, we have to make the middle position between the bottom of the highest and lowest line between the pipeline appropriate to avoid the high pressure sterilization during water and steam overflow dangerous overheating. Open the sterilization before each time to ensure that the temperature is below 80 ℃, the pressure is zero. If a problem occurs during sterilization, press the STOP button to enter the cooling system and stop the operation. After sterilization, check whether the power is disconnected, neat and then leave. If you do not use it for a month, be sure to drain the kettle and clean the autoclave.

Sterilization pot for medical and health undertakings, scientific research, agriculture and other units, the medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution culture, etc. disinfection and sterilization, is the ideal equipment. Hand-held autoclave is a food factory, drinking water plant essential equipment.