ZHONGRU 22-08-2017

The type of beer with the difference


Beer is a very popular favorite alcoholic drinks,  especially in the summer more people love, then we know what kind of beer? The following by us to share the classification of beer with the difference between:
cooked beer
Cooked beer is said after the high temperature sterilization of beer (pasteurized) this beer will not continue to ferment, can be long-term storage. However, after the pasteurized, many substances will lose their activity, taste and nutrition will be worse.
draught beer
Draft beer is not through high temperature antivirus. Using physical sterilization to achieve a certain degree of stability of the beer, this kind of beer taste better, nutrient-rich. The disadvantage is that long-term storage, as far as possible the day to drink.
fresh beer
This kind of beer is also a class of beer without pasteurization, but unlike beer, this beer is not filtered. So it will bring a certain active enzyme, can promote digestion, but the same can not be long-term storage.
draft beer
Draft   believe that we are no stranger, many friends like to drink beer, beer is a kind of fresh beer, but not the same, is a natural high-quality wine, do not add any things directly into the production of sealed containers , Before drinking carbon dioxide can be added.