ZHONGRU 20-03-2017

The Saccharification Process of Saccharification Equipment


The saccharification equipment is one of the key equipment for beer production.

Saccharification is a complex biochemical reaction process, in the saccharification equipment, by heating and stirring, adjust the enzyme the most appropriate temperature and PH value, so that many insoluble substances in the role of enzymes into soluble substances dissolved and made in line with Requirements of the wort, to improve the rate of saccharification extract.

The mixing of saccharification equipment requires low speed, low shear, low oxygen absorption, so that the pot of mash mixed evenly, but also the heat transfer within the jacket to the mash, so that the cylinder temperature distribution even from the health point of view It is desirable to set the baffle in the cylinder. With the large-scale saccharification equipment, to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption put forward higher requirements. So choose to stir evenly, heat transfer effect is good, the power of the mixer is very important.

According to the requirements of the saccharification equipment for mixing, and the saccharification equipment does not set the baffle, the steam from the upper part of the jacket into the condensate from the bottom of the structure of the characteristics of the saccharification equipment, the best stirring flow pattern should be shown in Figure 1 The The rotation of the stirrer causes the fluid in the central part of the saccharification equipment to flow downwards while rotating, while the fluid flows along the inner wall of the saccharification equipment under the action of the outer paddle, causing the material in the cylinder to be large Circulation flow, and jacket into the countercurrent heat transfer, to speed up the heat transfer inside and outside the wall, enhance the heat transfer effect, is conducive to the heat of the jacket evenly passed to the entire saccharification equipment.