ZHONGRU 03-01-2017

The Importance of Brewing Equipment Sanitization


As someone who is exploring becoming a home brewer, you probably already know the importance of cleaning and sanitizing all your brewing equipment before and after each use. More batches have been ruined by stray bacteria or wild yeast than any other reason.

But cleaning everything is a chore and it certainly is not the most exciting task in the home beer making process. Nonetheless, cleaning and sanitizing all your brewing equipment is one of the most important tasks in the whole process.

During the course of your research into the home beer making hobby, pay close attention to the cleaning and sanitation requirements of the brewing equipment you are going to use to set up your home brewery.

If you are just starting out, the temptation may be to start small by buying the products advertised as "beer in a bag" or something like that. These entry level kits are not capable of producing a top quality beer, however.

Similarly, don't be swayed by those who swear that the only way to get top notch beer is to do everything from scratch. That just is not the case. The middle of the road canned kits are a wonderful way to begin your brewing hobby and are not that expensive.

The basic brewing equipment you are going to end up with include fermenter (5-7 gallon cover plastic bucket), tubing for siphoning the brew, empty bottles, bottle capping tool and caps, five gallon brew pot, and sanitizers.

Don't be tempted to use cookware you already have, all of the above are designed specifically for use in a home brewery and are made from either high grade metal or food grade plastic to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation. With these basic brewing equipment and proper cleaning, you will be well on the way to successfully brew your own beer.

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