ZHONGRU 26-09-2017

The difference between fragrant hops and bitter hops


   The difference between the type of hops is the growth of the form, the vitality of growth, mature sooner or later, the level of yield, the content of α-acid, the composition of sesame oil, resistance to various pests and diseases. As for the identification of fragrant flowers and bitter, to remove the determination of α-acid, can still be based on the content of certain components to identify and classify.
   The traditional bitter and fragrant hops are more obvious, the newly cultivated varieties are mostly high α-acid content varieties or between the bitter and fragrant varieties, but still the following methods can be identified and classified.
   (1) The ratio of α-acid to β-resin is judged, and the α-acid / β-resin> 1 is generally bitter hops. α-acid / β-resin <1 is generally fragrant hops.
   (2) The content of the hulgone in the fragrant hops generally accounts for less than 25% of the α-acid content, or even lower. Bitter hops generally account for more than 30% of alpha-acid, or even higher.
   (3) The content of polyphenols and sesquiterpene oxides is higher than that of bitter, while the content of α-acid is lower than that of bitter, from polyphenols / α-acid or sesquiterpene oxide / α - the ratio of acid ratio can also identify bitter flowers and fragrant flowers.
   (4) Humic acid epoxide is one of the main sources of hops fragrance, fragrant flower huluene content is generally higher than the bitter flower. It is also better to evaluate the quality of hops from the content of humusene and carnation in sesquiterpenes,
   (5) different hops varieties, the hops oil chromatographic peaks are different, the same species, regardless of its origin and climatic conditions, the peak of its hops oil is basically similar to the species can be identified.