ZHONGRU 21-10-2016

The Design Principle of Automatic Sterilization


Automatic sterilization process is controlled by PLC automatic linear control. The temperature control in the tank is ± 0.2 ℃. The multi-stage temperature control can ensure the temperature rise, constant temperature and temperature drop control and powerful delay function. High fidelity pressure simulation curve Control to ensure the canned sterilization process of the pressure, anti-pressure and special products sterilization pressure control.

Site with a large touch screen can store multiple sterilization formula, but also on-site convenient to enter the new sterilization formula, suitable for a variety of products in a pot. A powerful display allows the operator to grasp the entire sterilization process, the perfect man-machine dialogue function allows the operator to complete the operation simple.

Automatic sterilization pot with our mature sterilization temperature recording system technology, the control system through the RS485 communication and computer connection, the system can display real-time control of the entire process of sterilization, sterilization process can also be automatically stored in the temperature and pressure curve to the computer, Users can always access. Can also be printed at any time by the printer, remote control and remote data management can be realized.

In order to improve the sterilization process of heat distribution effect, sterilization pot installation in addition to drawing FDA regulations and SN0400 standard we also use high efficiency circulating pump and high seal axial fan to increase the pot cycle; we use the circulating water system, greatly saving Of water resources, in line with the concept of contemporary energy-saving environmental protection.

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