ZHONGRU 27-03-2017

Some Precautions for Sterilization Pots


Sterilization pot, also known as steam sterilizer, laboratory sterilization pot can be divided into hand-held autoclave and vertical autoclave sterilization pot. The use of electric heating wire to produce water to steam, and to maintain a certain pressure device. There is a main can be sealed barrel, pressure gauge, exhaust valve, safety valve, electric wire and other components.

It uses microcomputer intelligent automatic control, control sterilization pressure, temperature, time. There is over-temperature automatic protection set, once more than set the temperature, it will automatically cut off the heating power. Door safety chain, the chamber pressure, the door can not open. In the low water level will alarm, when the water can automatically cut off the power. Sterilization pot configuration leakage protection device, as well as temperature dynamic digital display, end of sterilization signal end.

Sterilization pot for beer manufacturing, health care, scientific research, agriculture and other units, the medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution culture, etc. disinfection and sterilization, is the ideal equipment. Portable autoclave is a food factory, drinking water plant to do QS, HACCP certification of the necessary testing equipment.

It should be noted that the items to be sterilized should not be placed too tightly. Before sterilization, cold air must be fully ruled out, otherwise the temperature of the pot can not reach the specified temperature, affecting the sterilization effect. After sterilization, not deflated, or the bottle of liquid will be intense boiling, washed off the cork and spill even lead to container burst. The pressure in the sterilizer should be reduced to equal to the atmospheric pressure before opening the lid.

What’ more, now there are microcomputer automatic control of the high-pressure steam sterilization pot, just put the air-conditioning, the instrument can automatically constant pressure timing, time to automatically cut off the power and whistle, easy to use.