ZHONGRU 17-02-2017

Some Chemicals That Can Be Used In Automated CIP System


Chlorine Gas. Like hypochlorites, chlorine gas is able in automatic CIP system if acclimated as a sanitizer for apple-pie stainless aliment acquaintance surfaces and requires bound pH and absorption ascendancy by the processor. It can aswell be awful acerb to stainless steel, and if break used, produces acerb gas aloft 115F.

Peracetic Acid. Peracetic acerbic is a aggregate of hydrogen peroxide, acerb acerbic (vinegar) and a minute bulk of balance that anatomy a able acerbic agent. These sanitizers are able adjoin all microorganisms, including accident organisms, bacilli and bacterial spores. Characterized by a able odor such that you may wish to use in aerial areas, peracetic acerbic solutions are able over a advanced pH ambit and can be activated in air-conditioned or balmy baptize in automatic CIP system or as sprays/washes in COP processes to all aliment acquaintance surfaces in the plant.

Chlorine Dioxide. If the assembly band is decrepit with top amoebic loads, such as those begin in banty or bake-apple processing, chlorine dioxide is acceptable to accede for use in the automatic CIP system . This is because chlorine dioxide is effecive adjoin all types of microorganisms even if amoebic amount is present on autogenous surfaces. However, alertness of this actinic should be automated because of its acrimony in acerbic solution.

Acid Anionic (organic acids and anionic surfactant). The aggregate of an acerbic with surface-active agents aftermath a cleaning, rinsing and condoning band-aid that is ideal in automatic CIP system in which the abatement or ascendancy of baptize acerbity films or milkstone (such as in dairy processes) is critical. Acid-anionic surfactants are able adjoin a lot of bacteria, and are odorless, almost controllable and noncorrosive to stainless steel.

Ozone. Approved by FDA for use on aliment acquaintance surfaces, ozone-enriched baptize systems recirculate advised baptize through brim and accessories as a condoning analysis in automatic CIP system and processes. Ozone is aswell acclimated in COP operations, activated as a absolute ozonated baptize aerosol on food-contact and nonfood-contact surfaces, including equipment, walls, floors, drains, conveyors, tanks and added containers.

Ozone-enriched baptize kills bacilli as finer as chlorine, and back it is generated on-site, its use eliminates the charge for cadre to handle, mix and actuate of acrid chemicals for sanitation. Ozone readily reverts to oxygen, an end-product that leaves no balance on acquaintance surfaces.