ZHONGRU 05-04-2017

Pay Attention to the Surrounding Environment of the Fermentor


In the national economy and the people's livelihood plays an important role in the biomedical and food fermentation industry, along with its production and output value of sustained high growth, technology and equipment level has also been greatly improved. An important indicator of the improvement of equipment level is the domestic bio-pharmaceutical companies, breweries, food fermentation plants, biological chemical plants and the corresponding research institutes imported complete sets of automatic fermentation equipment more and more

In some large enterprises in China, the import of such automatic fermentation equipment is growing, more and more complex control and fine, the degree of automation is also getting higher and higher. At present, the development trend of this kind of automatic fermentation equipment is integrated, networked and intelligent.

Fermentor is a set of biological automatic culture device, by the tank, control cabinet and control software components. The tank has a glass jar and a stainless steel cap to form a closed cavity for the culture of the organism. Control cabinet built-in detection and control components, control hardware temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, liquid level detection motor, gas supply device and so on. All the control function by the user through the computer after the automatic control, automatic completion of the biological culture process.

The surrounding environment of the fermentor should be kept as ventilated and dry as possible. Small fermentor is generally more "delicate", motherboards, circuits, components, motors, etc. If you work in a damp, high temperature environment for a long time, it is prone to failure. Near the Fermentor inside and outside the wall, it is recommended to use tiles or color plate veneer, easy to clean. Control the instrument and the computer area and the fermentation tank area, the best use of color plate cut off. In order to cool the summer heat and keep the air fresh and dry, to create a good operating environment, in the operation of each fermentation tank should be installed above the outlet, into the cooling, dehumidification and purification of the air.