ZHONGRU 17-11-2016

Microbreweries And Craft Beer Equipment Ramp Up the Economy


While home brewers and nano breweries have certainly had a considerable impact on the economy in many areas, microbreweries (nano breweries bigger brothers) have had an even more dramatic effect. You'll find a significant number of ways that larger craft beer equipment are benefiting the economy.

Construction - In order to brew, bottle, can and ship their product, microbreweries need to have the right facilities. This usually means new construction or retrofitting an older building to be in compliance with modern health and safety laws. That opens up a number of construction jobs that can last for a long time, depending on the size of the facility being built or renovated. This can employ everyone from stonemasons to HVAC specialists, carpenters to steelworkers.

Equipment - In addition to having the brewing facilities constructed, microbreweries also have to invest in a very wide range of specialized equipment. From brew kettles to holding and serving tanks, fermenters to filtration and clarification systems, breweries need a very wide range of equipment. It takes workers to produce that equipment and the growth within the industry has opened up quite a few jobs for Americans across the country. As more and more brewing companies open, more and more jobs are added.

Bottles, Cans, Caps and Sundry Items - Breweries need more than just equipment to brew their beer. They have to have a way to get it into packages so that consumers can enjoy the fruits of their labors. Bottles and cans in a variety of sizes are needed here, and this opens up further job opportunities.

Packaging Considerations - Every bottle and can, 6-pack, 12-pack, case or growler needs to have more than just the beer included. It needs to be labeled - that labeling needs to be attractive, but it also needs to be memorable and to resonate with the brand's customers. Breweries turn to graphic designers to create those designs, and then to printing companies to get the designs onto glass, aluminum or cardboard. All of that requires workers to operate the machines, to create compelling designs and more - that equals even more jobs.

As you can see, the world of craft brewing is much more than just the world of homebrewed beer. It's a powerful force in the economy and is responsible for no small part of any economic recovery the country might be experiencing. How can you help? The best way is to get yourself down to a local bar or pub and order up a bottle of your favorite microbrew - keep those brewers doing what they do best!