ZHONGRU 28-11-2016

Introduction of Automatic CIP system II


Automatic CIP system is an automated cleaning technique that provides an effective cleaning solution to all the machineries and production equipments specially the closed systems. These hard to reach closed systems include the interior surfaces of pipes, process equipments, vessels and associated fittings that are used in different stages of production.

Pharmaceutical engineering has blessed the manufacturing industries with the CIP technique. The traditional methods used for the cleaning of closed systems required the disassembling of all the parts.

After the disassembling, all the parts were cleaned manually. But now the scenario has been totally changed. The Clean-in-Place technique effectively cleans all the equipments without disassembly. Also it does not hamper the entire production process as was done with the traditional approaches.

The introduction of automatic CIP system is bliss to all the manufacturing industries that require frequent internal cleaning of their process equipments. Industries that depend largely on this technique are those who need high levels of hygiene. Pharmaceutical and biotechnological plants, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, cosmetic production and diary farms are some of these industries, which produce drugs and other eatables and need protection against all sorts of contamination.

Automatic CIP system is an automated technique that provides quicker and less labor intensive cleaning solutions. This technique also ensures less chemical exposure risk to the staffs engaged in the cleaning process.

At present, this technique is used together with the conductivity measurement method that monitors all the cleaning steps logically and ensures no cleaning solution is left with the under-cleaned equipments. This in turn protects the production equipments against corrosion and thus retains their quality. Hence this technique is very efficient and cost-effective.