ZHONGRU 26-11-2016

Introduction of Automatic CIP system I


Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries use closed systems for safety purposes. Cleaning of these systems is very difficult as the surfaces are not exposed and are interior. Automatic CIP system is a technique that provides an automated cleaning solution to these safety devices.

These safety systems include interior surfaces of vessels, pipes, process equipments and associated fittings that are utilized in different stages of development.

Before the introduction of this technique, all the systems were initially disassembled and then cleaned manually. But the major problem faced by this traditional approach was temporary shut down of the production systems which in turn hampered the whole production process. However, this modern technique has enabled the proper cleaning of these closed systems without disassembling all the parts.

The invention of Automatic CIP system is a boon to all those industries that require internal cleaning of their system equipments. Pharmaceutical industries, biotechnological plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, cosmetic production, food processing and diary farms are some of the industries that produces eatables and medicines and require complete protection against any sorts of contamination.

Automatic CIP system is an automated technique that provides faster and less labor intensive cleaning solutions. This technique also ensures complete safety of the workers engaged in the cleaning process.

At present, this method is used along with the conductivity measurement process that logically demonstrates all the cleaning steps and ensures that no cleaning solution is left in the equipments. Thus, it protects all the devices against corrosion and retains their quality. Hence, we can say that this cleaning technique is very efficient and reliable.