ZHONGRU 30-09-2016

How to use the Wine tanks stainless steel fermentation tanks


How to use the Wine tanks stainless steel fermentation tanks

1) Correct pH electrode and dissolved oxygen electrode.

2) tank sterilization. If necessary, the media into the tank, sealed as required after the tank into a large sterilization pot sterilization (115 ℃, 30 minutes).

Open the cooling water, open the pump power, connect the ventilation pipe to start ventilation, adjust the intake knob to make the ventilation appropriate; open the wine fermentor power, set the temperature of the tank, set the temperature of the fermentation tank, , PH, stirring speed, etc., 640r / min turn on the next turn 30min, set the dissolved oxygen electrode to 100.

4). To be stable temperature, the parameters are correct, the pre-shaking a good seed access, start the fermentation time, and began to record a variety of parameters.

4). After cleaning the tank and electrode, insert the electrode into a 4M potassium chloride flask.

Additional equipment for wine fermenting tanks

* Mixer (multi-stage or stepless speed change). Sterile breathing stomata (or sterile positive pressure)

* Inlet and outlet: Sterile sampling port

* Manhole. Cold, hot water inlet and outlet

* Thermometer .CIP cleaning sprinkler

Maintenance of Wine Fermentation Tank

1, such as the inlet pipe and outlet pipe joints leak, when tightening the joint does not solve the problem, should add or replace the filler.

2, pressure gauge and safety valve should be regularly checked, if any failure to exchange or repair.

3, cleaning wine fermentation tanks, please use a soft brush to scrub, do not scratch with a hardware to avoid damage to the surface of the wine fermentation tank.

4, supporting the instrument should be calibrated once a year to ensure the normal use.

5, electrical appliances, instruments, sensors and other electrical equipment is strictly prohibited directly with water, steam contact to prevent moisture.

6, the equipment to stop using, should be promptly cleaned, drained wine fermentation tank and the pipeline in the water; release wine fermentation tank lid and hand hole screws to prevent permanent deformation of the ring.

7, the operating platform, constant temperature water tanks and other carbon steel equipment should be regularly (once a year) brush paint to prevent corrosion.

8, often check the reducer oil level, such as oil is not enough to be timely increase.

9, regular replacement of reducer lubricants to extend its service life.

10, if the wine fermentation tank for the time being, you need to empty the wine fermentation tank, side by side to make the tank and the pipeline of water.


1). Tank must be checked before the sterilization of liquid level, which requires all the electrodes are not below the surface.

2). Be sure to check that the cooling water is on and the temperature probe is inserted in the tank before turning on the wine fermentor, otherwise the heating circuit will be burned out.

3). Fermentation process must be to maintain the clean bench, used bottles and other items in a timely manner clean up, for some reason spilled acid or water should be immediately wiped.

4). Particular care should be taken when installing, disassembling, and sterilizing the tank. Vulnerable and expensive parts of the pH electrode and the tank.