ZHONGRU 12-09-2017

How to judge the quality of beer


See the date: View the date of the bottled beer. According to the provisions of the Ministry of Light Industry: bottled new beer, shelf life of 7 days; bottled beer, shelf life of 40 days to 60 days. Beer expired is the quality of decline, or even can not drink.
Look color: observe the transparency and foam, the beer into the clean and dry large mouth colorless transparent glass. Yellow beer should be pale yellow or yellowish green, color is excellent, not with dark brown; black beer should be black and red or black brown , Can not be dark brown, light red or brown. But are required to clear and transparent wine, light, no suspended solids and sediment. High quality beer, into the cup when the rise of the height of the bubble should not be less than 3 cm, and the foam white, delicate, can last 4 to 5 minutes or less to disappear, the quality of the beer, the height of the bubble rise, Bubble yellowish, coarser, not durable, or no foam, soak.
Smell the aroma: high quality beer, should have a clear malt fragrance and hops unique aroma; quality times the beer, malt fragrance and hops aroma is not obvious; quality times, often not only no malt and hops aroma, and even raw wine Smell, aging smell and other abnormal aroma.
Taste: that sipping a beer, contained in the mouth, with the taste, smell the quality of its pros and cons. High quality beer, drink mouth with a shaky and very refreshing feeling, no smell, astringency and so on. Such as yellow beer, bitter, refreshing, delicate; red beer at the beginning of bitter taste and sweet; black beer flavor thick and thick. Brewing bad, quality of the beer, not only plain, but also with bitter taste, astringency, and some with yeast smell, immature beer flavor and other abnormal smell and so on.