ZHONGRU 14-11-2016

How the Craft Beer Equipment Is Benefiting the Economy


Craft Brewing - An Economic Force to Be Reckoned With

Most industries in the US have experienced a significant downturn over the course of the last few years as the recession inexorably tightened its grip. However, one area has seen significant growth in almost every state in the country - craft beer equipment . Almost every area within craft beer equipment (including nano brewing, microbreweries, brewing supply stores and more) has experienced growth rather than stagnation or a decline.

In fact, the growth of this industry has been so dramatic and so marked that it has big breweries worried. They're so worried that they're going to great lengths to get their fingers in that particular pie. Budweiser's purchase of Goose Island is only one sign of just how much getting involved in the craft beer equipment means to big brewers. There are others, too - Blue Moon is a brand owned and operated by Coors though many people are unaware of that fact.

The latest jobs report for the US was somewhat startling - only 18,000 jobs were created, when the expectation was far, far more than that. Those figures put the kibosh on most of the talk of economic improvement, at least along "traditional" lines. However, there are a few bright spots that deserve some attention - most notably in the world of craft beer equipment.

The economic rollercoaster the nation has been stuck on for the last few years shows no signs of ending soon. Political pundits on both sides of the aisle point to recovery and recession in the same breath, depending on just what point they want to emphasize and what constituents they're speaking to. While the politicians might have a wishy-washy view of what's going on (don't they always?), the fact of the matter is that what economic growth there has been has been limited.