ZHONGRU 28-12-2016

Home Brewing Equipment Help You Enjoy Brewing


The art of making a good beer has been practiced for thousands of years with roughly the same brewing equipment and possible will never reach perfection. The driving factor in this phenomenon is experience. Something may be perfect at the moment, but can quickly get old, driving the drinker to try a new flavor or style that temporarily takes the title of perfect beer, and this is all an individual preference.

While current breweries are capable of brewing enough delicious beer to send around the world, the majority of brewing equipment that is sold today is a much smaller affair and is marketed to the home brewer. It's likely someone in your neighbor brews their own beer and refines the formula for every new brew.

Generally speaking, the most popular method of home brewing is the 5 gallon brewing method which requires a fermenting container with lid, a priming and bottling bucket with bottling spigot, an airlock bottling setup, a hydrometer and tube, a bottle brush, a bottle capper, a thermometer, a sanitizer, and of course the brewing mix, brewer's yeast and water. This is the basic set up and it is very easy to expand to making more beer after all of these tools have been mastered, or at least tried out. It's a good idea to start out small to avoid potentially ruining a larger batch of beer.

Once the basic method turns out good every time, it's time to start trying out different combinations and configurations to change the taste, style, and amount of alcohol in the brew. There are a number of different beers that can be brewed easily with home brewing equipment.

Don't forget the best part, drinking the beer you made yourself and sharing it with friends. It is often much cheaper than buying beer from the store, and provides a unique taste every single time. Besides, it is very gratifying knowing exactly what is in each beer. All in all, with brewing equipment at home, you will enjoy the brewing hobby and your handmade beer.