ZHONGRU 04-11-2016

High temperature sterilization pot


High temperature sterilization pot is a sterilization boiler, with shutter pressure vessel safety interlock device, independent electrical instrumentation control system, automatic temperature,

Product advantages

1. The device has the characteristics of double-layer water-bath sterilization pot, and double-double sterilization pot to improve the production, saving energy and time for users to save equipment investment and reduce production costs.

2. Automatic switch pot flow direction, the temperature uniformity without dead ends.

3. High-temperature short-time double-pot cross-sterilization, saving time, save energy, the provincial labor.

4. The entire computer automation control, does not need the manual operation.

5. Using temperature film regulating valve automatically adjust the pot temperature, sterilization accuracy.

6. Measure the F-value function.

7. According to different products set a variety of full-time sterilization formula.

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