ZHONGRU 01-11-2016

High-pressure autoclave sterilization Product Features


High-pressure autoclave sterilization Product Features

1, Soaking food with the outside of the water circulation pump to do high-speed flow, and will be regular in the sterilization room to adjust the direction of water flow to promote the sterilization indoor water flow between each package to ensure sterilization indoor temperature of each point Of the high degree of consistency, to ensure the safety of each food sterilization.

2, Pre-heating bacteria in the hot water tank is sterilized, quickly into the sterilization room, to release a lot of food heat, so that the rapid warming of food, cooling, the outside cold water directly into the sterilization room and food contact, rapid cooling .

3, Each sterilization is completed, high temperature water is recycled to a hot water tank, the heat is not lost, saving a lot of heat, and prepare for the next sterilization, saving time.

4, Using the world's most advanced high-efficiency circulating pump, can use very little power to play the greatest effect.

5, Safe, stable, reliable, and free to adjust the process of anti-pressure control to ensure that the packaging from deformation.

6, High-fidelity process control to ensure the quality of food production batch sterilization.

7, For a variety of types and sizes.