ZHONGRU 29-11-2016

Get To Know Automatic CIP system


All the manufacturing industries possess huge and robust equipments and automatic CIP system for the production process. These industries require the machineries that can be long lasting and highly efficient. To deliver better quality products, all these machines require periodical cleaning and maintenance.

During the different stages of production process, the machines comes in contact with product residues, dust particles, moisture present in air and the harmful chemicals that are used in the production of useful medicines. These substances can contaminate the machineries and can degrade the quality of the products produced by these machines.

To shun these situations, frequent cleaning of all the production equipments is highly mandatory. Pharmaceutical engineering has given an effective solution of this problem.

It has introduced Clean-in-Place technique which is an efficient method of cleaning and can effectively clean all the equipments including the closed systems. All the manufacturing industries such as pharmaceutical plants, biotechnological plants, cosmetic industries, diary farms etc are adopting the Clean-in-Place technique of cleaning.

The exposed and the external surfaces can be cleaned easily but the interior and hard to reach places of several equipments is cumbersome to clean. The CIP technique effectively cleans all the parts of the production equipments and also does not require the disassembling of all the parts. This technique uses several disinfectants as the cleaning solution and properly cleans all the devices.

This method also ensures all the regulation sets of the hygiene control. This automated and modern technique is well suited to huge equipments and closed systems. Hence we can say that pharmaceutical engineering has blessed all the manufacturing industries with this effective cleaning method.