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Flour processing machinery From Zrbrewing


Flour processing machinery is the processing of wheat into edible flour, agricultural products, machinery and equipment can be broadly divided into flour processing and milling of two major categories of equipment, is an indispensable means of milling industry.

Flour processing complete sets of equipment is mainly used for various types of large and small flour processing plants, production capacity from Nissan tens of tons to Nissan hundreds of tons of flour; milling single machine is mainly used for the vast rural areas of grain processing, production capacity from dozens of hours processing Kg to several hundred kilograms of flour.

In China, the flour processing machinery used in various types of flour processing enterprises and rural food processing points, each year responsible for hundreds of millions of tons of domestic wheat and millions of tons of imported wheat processing tasks. And its growth process is to achieve self-development in the continuous improvement.

Staggering development

Mentioned flour machinery, there is a name in the industry no one knows, that is, "Switzerland Buller", and now, many large flour enterprises in the country can see its shadow.

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of wheat, with the improvement of people's living standards, increased demand for various types of flour, which have greatly promoted the domestic flour processing machinery development and technical level.

It is understood that China's flour processing machinery from the sixties and seventies of last century simple cone mill development to the present high efficiency, low power consumption, silty good roller mill and processing complete sets of equipment. Production enterprises from more than a dozen to more than 100, has emerged more than 100 million yuan output value of the enterprise, more than a dozen enterprises through the ISO9000 certification, the gradual replacement of imported products, equipment, and exports to the CIS, the Middle East, Africa Of the many countries.

In 1995, the flour processing machinery industry has been an unprecedented development, business benefits increased year by year, greatly stimulated the individual small businesses continue to be launched. These individual small business production conditions are very poor, relying on patchwork assembly, jerry-building and other means, cheap to sell their products, resulting in the quality of flour processing machinery all the way down. Not only restricts the healthy development of the industry and technological level of progress, but also seriously damaged the interests of users, disrupting the market order, resulting in a vicious competition in the industry situation.

Flour is the majority of our people the main food, and national life is closely related. The flour processing machinery is affecting the quality and safety of flour, wheat resources and energy use, involving human health and personal safety, and people's lives are inseparable from the important industrial products, and more production enterprises, the market is more chaotic, product quality varies greatly, Strengthen the management of the industry is necessary.

At present, China has more than 100 flour processing machinery production enterprises, mainly in the main wheat producing areas of Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other provinces. In addition to a small number of joint ventures, with a certain scale of production enterprises as many as dozens.

Need to cross

Born out of the planned economy under the shade of the flour machinery industry, today mainly due to the development from the 1980s onwards the domestic flour industry to continue the construction of the golden age of renewal. At present, completely by the domestic production of flour machinery can be equipped with modern flour production line, and has been out of the country, the use of the results to achieve or close to the international advanced production line level.

From the 90s of last century, foreign-funded enterprises have adopted a joint venture, sole proprietorship into China. After the sale of hundreds of wheat flour and rice processing equipment to our country, Buhler invested in the wholly-owned grain processing machinery and electronic equipment manufacturing factory in Wuxi and Shenzhen, and acquired the enterprises such as "Shaanxi Grain Machine" Italy GBS companies in China there are dozens of flour production line of complete sets of equipment, in 2004 the company entered Beijing, the establishment of the Kyrgyzstan must St. Food Machinery Company.

These international flour machinery and equipment companies are generally able to process design and complete supporting the production line to provide suppliers, most of the production for decades or even centuries of development history, through the survival of the fittest, mainly in Europe. As the flour processing is a traditional mature industry, the flour industry in developed countries in Europe have been basically industrialized, the same, in recent decades, flour machinery industry also completed the optimization of the corresponding integration of the industrialization process.

Many domestic experts said that with these international flour machine "giant" compared to China there is still a big gap, if not timely follow-up, there will be no right to speak. Challenges and opportunities always coexist. In recent years, foreign equipment and technology into the domestic market, squeezing the domestic food machinery manufacturing industry living space, but also to promote the machinery manufacturing industry to develop new markets, to seek exports to the world.

As China and the rest of the world there is an imbalance in the level of economic development, the demand for flour milling equipment will vary. Developed areas need high-tech large-scale equipment, and even like Buhler, GBS and other world-class milling equipment, and the vast rural areas and towns and the vast number of developing countries and regions, need is small and medium-sized equipment, or even Stand - alone.

At the same time, with the return to nature by consumers, eating green food, the impact of all-nutrition thinking, favor single and small equipment, simple rough processing of whole nutritional wheat flour, and small and medium-sized complete sets of equipment in addition to processing wheat, with a reasonable process Can be processed higher value-added such as oats, peppers, soybean meal and other special foods, which give small and medium equipment to provide another living space.

According to the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association to provide information on agricultural machinery manufacturing technology in Southeast Asia was lagging behind, many ASEAN countries still rely mainly on imports of agricultural products, food processing machinery and other agricultural demand. China's grain processing machinery manufacturing products with the advantages of quality and price ratio, which also enhances China's grain processing machinery manufacturing products in the ASEAN countries and other countries, the advantages of competitive products.

Flour machine for decades to show that only through the improvement of research and development capabilities to eliminate further homogenization of the product, according to market demand to find a diversified development in order to enhance the competitive edge; only have their own technological advantages, self-innovation research and development capabilities, and then With independent intellectual property rights, can stand in the market unbeaten position.

At the height of industrial development, enterprises that already have a certain capacity, not only to speed up industrial integration, rapid enlargement, but also to be strong, but also actively into the development of similar industries, enhance and expand the international competitiveness of China's flour machinery manufacturing industry .

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