ZHONGRU 27-09-2016

Fermentation engineering is an important part of biotechnology


Fermentation engineering is an important part of biotechnology, which is the key technology to utilize the rich biological resources, promote the progress of the industry and improve the industrial competitiveness of our country. As the largest microbial fermentation base in Jiaodong region, only Chu Pharmaceutical is the key to the sustainable development of the enterprises in the future. How to improve the fermentation level and increase the output of products.
Data show that with the progress of science and technology, fermentation technology has undergone epoch-making changes, but no matter how the transformation of its cultivation or control of the conditions to master the fine or not, is always the foundation of the fermentation project to advance, based on this understanding, In 2003,2004,2005 continuous investment of 6,000,000 yuan for information technology, and in 2006 invested over 200 million to introduce a fully automated advanced fermentation system, the company's fermentation technology to the domestic advanced level.
This set of automatic advanced fermentation system, for all the varieties of fermentation to provide accurate test and production data, so that Chu Pharmaceutical 2006 production level in 2005 and increased by 30%, increase sales income of more than 4000 million, But also for the company's future development of new varieties of fermentation has laid a solid foundation.
The system is suitable for transitional fermentation experiments from laboratory shake-flask amplification to production and can also be used for small-scale production.
The set of fermentation system using 17-inch large-screen standard display as the display interface, display a rich and complete, user-friendly simple and clear picture, easy to operate. Can automatically detect temperature, pH, foam and other fermentation parameters, but also has a data storage backup, curve analysis, report generation analysis, abnormal situation analysis and other functions, for fermentation experiments and production monitoring and process data processing brings a lot of convenience, is An important part of the company's biological center.
In order to make information technology used in production and produce great benefits, the company hired four Ph.D., 11 masters in the intelligent system with the strong support of the various aspects of the study. At the same time, the intelligent fermentation system operators also put forward higher requirements, the current operating staff are college-level or higher qualifications.