ZHONGRU 22-11-2016

Craft Beer Equipment and ERP Solutions


Craft beer equipment has undergone an amazing surge over the past decade. Small craft breweries are popping up in cities across the nation, in dedicated plants to former retail locations in strip malls. Even the largest beer manufacturers across the world are marketing their 'craft' brewing options to compete with smaller operations. Opinions abound about this amazing growth and what the future will hold, but one thing seems certain, craft beer equipment isn't going away anytime soon. And while many craft beer equipment may know how to make an amazing beer, or know how to market their wares like nobody else, many struggle to meet the demands that more established and long-term food and beverage manufacturing companies have grown up with.

Often the largest challenge many of these craft breweries must face is not how to market and sell their product, but how to manage all the regulations and requirements, and how to maneuver all the details that go with production and distribution. They simply do not have the experience or the tools in place that allow them to remain lean and operate smoothly. That is why it is so important that along with their tanks and bottle systems, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system should be high on their list of needed equipment.

Top 3 Craft Brewery ERP Needs

The main areas that an Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) can best help craft breweries both large and small are not in essence much different than other types of food and beverage process manufacturers, though there are some intricacies as there is with any specialized product. We look at the top four areas that breweries must carefully consider and how an ERP can make their lives and their beer much richer and vibrant.

Meeting Regulations

It is not surprising that brewing beer to sell to the public is under strict scrutiny. There are many legal ramifications with such a product, but beer has no fewer health and traceability requirements than any other food or drink. They must manage proper reporting, traceability of manufacturing actions, documentation of ingredients, documentation of shipping and sales, and many other regulatory necessities. An ERP system contains all this information for the brewer and manages it smoothly to eliminate the possibility of non-compliance, which can be deadly for a small brewery trying to grow.