ZHONGRU 24-11-2016

Craft Beer Equipment and ERP Solutions II


If you've ever read the labels in the craft beer section at your local liquor store, you will see that the uniqueness of each brew matches the uniqueness of its name. For some beer consumers, they are happy with finding one craft beer equipment and sticking with it. However the current trend is sampling. Beer connoisseurs are constantly seeking new flavors and new complexities, even within a particular style.

For example, a person may only drink imperial pale ales, but wants to try a different formula each day. Or, a person may not have a favorite style, but instead has loyalty to a particular brand and desires a range of styles to try.

Either way, craft beer equipment must keep reinventing themselves and their selections to remain competitive. That means tracking recipe changes, understanding life cycles, and having clear data related to development costs are crucial. Once again, the best answer for this is the implementation of an ERP system.

Unlike giant beer companies with huge distribution agreements and national advertising, craft beer equipment must be creative and put a great deal of focus on how they can bring their creations to the public.

Every aspect must be carefully monitored from the receipt of raw ingredients to delivery at the restaurant or liquor store featuring their product. An ERP manages their inventory and all aspects of it, and will continue to track those ingredients through production and on the shelves.

What was once a hobby for many craft beer equipment has grown into their livelihood. The chances are good that many of our favorite craft beer equipment began in the basement or closet with a home brew kit, and no idea of all the intricacies involved in moving it to a successful business operation. Fortunately, there is help for those passionate individuals to remain profitable, and continue to thrive.