ZHONGRU 12-10-2016

Corn peeling method


Corn peeling is to take off the corn surface of the cortex, which is complete sets of corn processing equipment to ensure product quality and embryo of the basic processes, corn processing equipment peeling method is divided into two kinds of dry and wet.

Corn dry peeling is the corn after cleaning, not through the water vapor adjustment process, directly into the peeling device peeling, this method and the northern region of China in the autumn processing of corn has just acquired high-moisture (18%).

After the corn is cleaned up, it is peeling off after the water vapor adjustment process, and becomes wet peeling. This method in the corn processing (in particular to mention embryo grits) are more common, especially the processing of low moisture corn, must use wet peeling, or seriously affect the efficiency of peeling and embryo green.

Zrbrewing corn processing equipment using dry corn processing technology, skin off the net rate of 95%, is your investment in the field of corn processing technology of choice.