ZHONGRU 08-08-2017

Beer equipment products industry advantages which?


Beer equipment products industry advantages which? Beer equipment disinfection must be cautious: in the beer production process, in addition to take the correct production process, but also the equipment must be correct and timely cleaning, and regular disinfection and sterilization. Product development is advancing with the times, and through continuous reform and innovation, the scope of application of a wide range of products currently use a lot of products to the human has brought great convenience. As follows, is the product related aspects of the relevant knowledge of the introduction:
Beer equipment
 Beer production process to contact the main equipment, including saccharification pot, paste pot, boiled pot, wort transition machine (or filter tank), cold wort conveying pipe, drunk cans, wort cooler, beer transition machine, drunk Add the pump, beer transport pipeline, clear sprinkler, filling machine and the production of various fittings used. Cleaning is to remove as much as possible tank, pipe and equipment on the surface of the dirt. If the cleaning is not complete, the remaining dirt inside the device and the breeding of the emblem will weaken the role of fungicides. Yeast and protein impurities, hops and hops resin compounds and beer stone, due to electrostatic and other factors, these dirt in the equipment inside the surface of the surface deposition, the equipment surface becomes rough, and to provide a habitat for the growth of biological The Wash must be removed when the emblem of biological colonies. Because the fungicide is suitable for surface sterilization, the effect of bacteria on the internal survival is very small, easily lead to re-pollution.
Beer equipment products to the birth of human life more convenient, with the continuous development of science and technology in innovation, products are constantly upgrading, and now products are applied to all walks of life, by the people's favorite. But now manufacturers are now producing products everywhere, so when you need to buy a full understanding of the time to determine.