ZHONGRU 26-09-2016

Beer Equipment Containers and Related Clearing


zrbrewing production of fresh Beer equipment containers and related clearing.

Washing filling equipment specialist. The company's new product research method has been leading the industry side.

To beer plant, over the years, the company always adhere to the user's responsibility to create economic benefits.

Purpose, has launched more than ten kinds versatile beer fresh barrels, kegs from R & D.

Fixed washing machine, measuring filling machines and other equipment to get the user's praise.

I can live with users to discuss pipeline optimization program!

Our company has developed a beer keg washing machine adopts PLC control, cleaning and carbon dioxide.

Preparation of pressure once completed, fresh beer equipment, can no dead purge valve liner wine, and the process is simple,

Sterilization rate. Each process time can be adjusted according to user needs, SIEMENS.

PLC programming, operation and debugging are done on the computer and install a fault alarm.

System, Shandong beer equipment to ensure the reliability and safety of the process operations.

Welcome to use the company's products, the manual details the washing machine so that.

Use, maintenance and trouble shooting methods. So please before you use the device, service.

The elements will be installed and operating in accordance with this specification. When you find your device during operation

When an exception occurs, while he can not be resolved, the company must immediately notify

In a timely manner to provide you with the most rapid and convenient service.