ZHONGRU 15-08-2017

Appropriate amount of beer to drink the top ten benefits


1. Maintenance of heart health A large number of studies have shown that moderate drinking, can reduce the risk of heart disease, healthy lifestyle in men, moderate drinkers than the risk of heart attack, the reduction of 40% -60%.
2. Protection of blood vessels Harvard University School of Public Health researchers found that moderate drinking beer in hypertensive male patients, the fatal and non-fatal heart attack risk has decreased. Appropriate drinking beer also helps prevent thrombosis and prevent ischemic stroke.
3. Reducing the risk of diabetes The study shows that the median risk of coronary heart disease is mild, and mild drinking habits can help protect patients with type 2 diabetes from developing countries, which may be due to drinking Increase insulin sensitivity or have anti-inflammatory effect.
4. Diuretic effect, beer diuretic role in addition to alcohol itself, mainly with the beer after fermentation contained in the solid matter in the nucleic acid inducer. Can be used for the treatment of urine red and other diseases. Because the low levels of sodium, alcohol, and nucleic acids in the beer can increase the supply of blood to the brain, dilate the coronary arteries, and accelerate the metabolism of the kidneys by providing blood to the kidneys.
5. Improve the cognitive ability of the elderly over the age of 65 per week drinking 1-6 cups of alcoholic beverages, and alcohol, alcohol, compared with the risk of suffering from dementia.
6. Strong bone studies have shown that beer can play a role in preventing bone loss and reconstructing male bone mass, but for young women, women who have not been found after menopause have not found benefits. The study found that beer is one of the main sources of human silicon, can promote bone growth and increase bone strength. But excessive drinking, can lead to a significant increase in the probability of fracture.
7. Relieve stress to maintain a healthy vitality In the moderate drinking and total mortality there is a contrast between the people who drink 1-2 cups of wine a day, the risk of death seems to be due to the beer played a role in the prevention of coronary heart disease and stroke. The role of alcohol in the beer and the role of sedative people make people calm and relax, help to relieve stress, good for good health.
8. Anti-aging modern medical research found that the body of metabolites - superoxide ions and oxygen free radical accumulation, will lead to human cardiovascular disease, cancer and accelerated aging. People should eat more antioxidants from food and reduce the toxicity of these oxygen free radicals to humans. There are a variety of antioxidants in beer, such as from the raw malt and hops obtained in the polyphenols or flavonoids, in the brewing process to form the reduction of ketones and black and yeast secretion of glutathione, are to reduce oxygen The reduction of free radicals. In particular, polyphenols in the phenolic acid, vanillic acid and ferulic acid, can avoid beneficial to the human body low-density fat (LD) was oxidized to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. Although the ferulic acid in beer is 10 times lower than that in tomatoes, it is 12 times higher than the latter. Of course, most of the beer in the reduction of substances exist in the fresh beer, they are also effective to help the preservation of beer material. With the prolongation of beer retention time, the role of these reducing agents gradually weakened.
9. Elimination of muscle soreness and physical fatigue Beer ingredients have antioxidant effects, and studies have shown that the cause of muscle soreness is due to the movement of muscle fibers in the important oxidation activities, drink beer can alleviate this process. Muscle fatigue may also be caused by the oxidation process, the same can be done by drinking beer.
10. Prevention of cancer Recently found in the beer to prevent cancer of a substance. This substance is the material of the carnivorous not only can bring flavor to the beer, but also considered to prevent the breast, colon, uterus and prostate cancer effect. But at present, it is not clear how much beer to achieve the purpose of anti-cancer.