ZHONGRU 29-09-2016

About High-pressure autoclave sterilization


First, how to use the High-pressure autoclave sterilization

(1) in the outer pot, add the right amount of water, will need to sterilization items into the inner pot, cover and symmetrically twist tightly screw.

(2) heating the pot to produce steam, when the pressure gauge pointer to 33.78kPa, open the exhaust valve, the cold air discharge, when the pressure gauge pointer down, when the pointer down to zero, the exhaust valve is closed.

(3) continue to heat, the pot vapor increases, the pressure gauge pointer increases, when the pot pressure increases to the required pressure, the fire will be reduced, according to the characteristics of sterilization items, the vapor pressure to maintain the required pressure for a certain time , Then the sterilizer or power off, let the natural cold and then slowly open the exhaust valve to remove the remaining gas, and then to open the lid to extract.

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Second, the use of autoclave sterilization Note:

(1) to be sterilized items placed should not be too tight.

(2) must be fully excluded from the cold air, or the pot temperature reaches the required temperature, affecting the sterilization effect.

(3) sterilization is completed, not deflated decompression, or bottle of liquid will be intense boiling, flush out the stopper and spill or even lead to container burst. The pressure inside the sterilizer must be reduced to equal the atmospheric pressure before opening the lid. Autoclave, autoclave, autoclave, hand-held autoclave, portable autoclave, hand-held autoclave, hand-held autoclave, portable high-pressure steam sterilizer Bacteria, portable high-pressure steam sterilization pot

(4) installed on the test tube or bottle of cotton plug, oil or kraft paper should be wrapped in order to prevent condensation of water into the inside.

(5) In order to ensure the sterilization effect, should regularly check the sterilization effect, the commonly used method is the sulfur powder (melting point 115 ℃) or benzoic acid (melting point 120 ℃) ​​placed in the test tube, and then sterilization test. If the material is melted, then the temperature inside the high-pressure steam sterilizer has reached the requirements, the effect of sterilization is reliable. It is also possible to apply an adhesive tape (with a temperature-sensitive indicator) to the effect of the sterilizer on the packaging of the article to be sterilized, such as the indicator on the adhesive sheet, to show that the sterilization effect is reliable.

(6) is now a microcomputer-controlled high-pressure steam sterilizer, just put the air-conditioning, the instrument can automatically constant pressure time, time is automatically cut off the power and whistle, easy to use.

Third, the use of autoclave pot Application:

For the most commonly used method of sterilization, generally 101.33kPa treatment 15 ~ 20min, can achieve the purpose of sterilization items. Where high temperature and humidity of the items, such as commonly used medium, saline, clothing, gauze, glass, etc. can be used this method sterilization