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Our business focuses on craft beer brewing equipment building!

Leading Craft Beer Craft Beer culture propagation equipment

The milk machine is the world's leading manufacturer of high-end equipment , especially in the field of craft beer equipment is China 's leading brand , the first brand in Asia , the world's forefront. We carefully to every winemaker customization innovative technology craft beer equipment ; we are not just a leading manufacturer of craft beer equipment , we know more about its unique culture and fine craft brewing beer every product Inheritance was given the mission of craft beer culture , respect for tradition, constantly brewing equipment crafted step with the pace of technology and ahead of its time , and strive to make the product easier to use , reliable , energy efficient, and beautiful , so that benefit customers , the environment more beautiful.
We specialize in stainless steel containers , focusing on high-end manufacturing , refined service . Products involved: craft beer , distilled spirits , wine, dairy products, beverage, chemical , pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other areas of the stainless steel container . We always focus on customer-oriented research and development, the product of each of the fine will highlight the art form, shining the light of wisdom , in the milk machine , any time you will be to ensure access to top quality and professional service .
We are the pioneer of Chinese liquor distillation equipment , professional design and high-quality hand-made will apply to all of your thoughts , size and type . We are convinced that the milk -art machinery distillation apparatus can meet most discerning and sophisticated customer requirements distilled liquor .
We are also Chinese bottled beer filling , cleaning the most complete , most complete and most advanced manufacturer, the world's leading technology cask ales automatic packaging machines , especially rotary filling , cleaning systems is China the same field leading brands. Research, development and success of cask beer packaging equipment , but also makes HGM Shanghai and Hong Kong in the craft beer equipment in the field with more integrity . .

The milk machine is a craft beer culture communicators , we have created our own craft beer brand , have their own craft beer themed restaurant chain is now planned . .


   Founded in 2002 , always adhere to the stainless steel container products Manufacturing

   Our specialty : craft beer brewing equipment , craft beer packaging equipment , high-end stainless steel containers and equipment and other distilled spirits products

   We live : with an area of ​​20,000 square meters of production base ,

   Europe has the highest level of craft beer equipment , distilled spirits advanced technology equipment

   It has the world's highest level of manufacturing stainless steel container production equipment

   Is set product development , manufacturing, sales, technical services as one of the strength of enterprises

   Import and export right , is located near the world-class sea port , located in the rich production of human resources ......

   Our intellectual property : with more than 30 independent intellectual property rights in product design and technical aspects of beer saccharification equipment , distilled spirits equipment, packaging equipment, etc.

   Our team : intentions to implement human enterprise management philosophy , has established a set of technology, production , marketing, service and other professional elite team of excellence
   Our market : throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia , Africa and Australia and many other countries and regions ; the establishment of an international regional agents in many countries
   We are now : a healthy sun Chaoyang enterprises
   Our future : the world's leading craft beer equipment , distilled spirits industry equipment and stainless steel containers